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To empower non-profits and small businesses in establishing sustainable and transformative rhythms that foster continuous learning, growth, and lasting sustainability.


Guided by an unwavering commitment to excellence, Hybrid Focus Consulting pioneers innovative strategies for human development and business growth. Our mission is to equip entrepreneurs of all generations with the adaptability, competitiveness, and intuition required to thrive in an ever-changing marketplace.

The Story

HFC's journey began in the autumn of 2020, fueled by a vision to provide unwavering support to families and businesses grappling with the challenges of remote learning and work. Initially, our focus was on web-related solutions, catering to the evolving needs of our clients. We offered virtual professional development, helped craft compelling branding identities through logos and flyers, facilitated seamless Zoom webinars, and provided invaluable Turo consultations.

As we embarked on our second year, the landscape of opportunity expanded before us. We recognized the growing demand for assistance in business scaling and the pursuit of success by emerging brands. By the summer of 2022, HFC had left its mark, playing a pivotal role in two successful international campaigns in Ghana and orchestrating volunteer efforts for the prestigious African Festival of the Arts in Chicago, IL.

In 2023, our journey took an exciting turn as our founder, Quentin Harris, was handpicked to join AMPT Chicago's prestigious 2023 Executive Coaching Cohort. AMPT: Advancing Nonprofits, shares our commitment to fortifying the organizational health and fostering long-term growth of small nonprofits in Chicago's west and south sides, with a special emphasis on Black- and Latinx-led community organizations. This alignment perfectly complemented the ethos of HFC and presented a golden opportunity to support and learn from another rising star in the community-based organization arena.

Our dedication to the African Festival of the Arts continued into 2023, where we not only led volunteering efforts but also secured a contract to manage the logistics of ground transportation for the festival's esteemed talent. HFC efficiently handled transportation for renowned acts such as the iconic Hip Hop group Dead Prez, the legendary oldies group Cameo, the soul-stirring gospel singer Dorothy Norwood, Jairobi White of A Tribe Called Quest fame, the captivating Wazumbians, Ile Aiye, and many other luminaries.

Today, HFC remains committed to tailoring our processes to meet our clients' specific needs while carefully considering workforce and financial capacity. Our approach is rooted in innovation and effectiveness, ensuring that every engagement yields exceptional results.

Looking ahead, HFC is poised to continue its unwavering support for the growth of impactful organizations in the Chicagoland area while striving to achieve revenue goals in our small business ventures. Our dedication remains resolute, our commitment unwavering, and our vision for a brighter future for our clients and our community stronger than ever.

Our Values

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