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The Work

HFC led and collaborative projects 

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Branding: JQLR, LLC

HFC created branding for JQLR, LLC which is Turo based rental car company in the Chicagoland area.  Along with branding, HFC has created onboarding materials, presentation deck templates, and invoicing templates for the company. 

Dream Academy Professional Development Series

HFC served as a facilitator for DAF's 2023 Planning Summit.  The ask was to prepare a series of activities that provoke critical thinking, growth mindset, collaboration, and mission alignment.  The two day series was reviewed highly by leaders and members of the organization.

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African Festival of the Arts

HFC coordinated volunteers for Africa International House's 33rd Annual Festival of the Arts.  President, Patrick Woodtor (pictured), and members of the board deemed it a highly successful presence.  HFC was able to source 65 volunteers with an average of 25 per day over the course of the 4 day event which fell on Labor Day Weekend.


In fall of 2022 HFC led travel, tourism, and charitable arrangements in partnership with Dream Academy Foundation and House of Light, LLC. This annual charity effort to the Cape Coast School for Deaf and Blind has become a collaborative effort with several organizations with HFC at the helm of logistics. 

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